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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Money, Money, Money...

Must be funny in a rich man's world. Abba's dress sense might not have always been on the money, if you'll pardon the pun, but their lyrics certainly ring true! In terms of fundraising we are looking at around £140,000 by Summer in 2015. Some have described it as "impossible" and have told us to "jog on" (both me actually) but we, well... the group, seem to think we can do it! Part of the money we raise for the 36 Young People and 4 Leaders in the Unit goes towards helping Scouts from less advantaged backgrounds in countries, such as Kenya, join us in Japan.

So this weekend the mammoth task  began with 2 Xmas fairs: one at my school in Warwick and the other in my village, Bodicote. With a stall booked at each all we had to do was decide on our product. Although the idea of selling off Scouts and Explorers to the highest bidder seemed to be very popular, mainly with the parents in the unit, we settled with chocolate apples and biscuits. On Friday night we met and worked late into the night creating and wrapping our chocolate apples. James and Orlando showed some outstanding initiative, even Lord Sugar would have been amazed, by creating a new product: The Diet Chocolate Apple. Unlike its full fat brother, the apple is only half covered in chocolate. Some have called it "revolutionary in the world of chocolatey fruit" and "it will change the way we look at food" (I really must stop quoting myself) I should point out it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I had not bought enough chocolate to fully cover all the apples.

On Saturday, we were off to Warwick. James, Harry and I were behind the stall. After a slow start, not helped by me constantly buying and eating our own stock, things began to heat up. Loads of people were interested in our adventure and donated generously to  our cunningly placed money bucket. The stock we had left over I then sold at 1st Bodicote's Xmas fair. Overall, I think we raised around £230 which isn't too shoddy. As they say "every little helps"! (Other supermarkets are available)

"Morgan, is that you on page 6 of the Banbury Cake?"

"Yes, yes it is!" - Sadly this is only a hypothetical conversation (at the moment). But after the past few weeks' media frenzy around the unit I'm sure it will become a reality soon. With a nice, cheesy photo of me Young Leading at 1st Bodicote Beavers (not Cubs as it reads in the papers) I was rather chuffed with the article!

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In other news, the Oxfordshire Unit logo has been unveiled. It looks pretty awesome!