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Sunday, 2 February 2014


After the warm feeling in the heart that Christmas so beautifully induces had been snuffed out by the cold, harsh days of that dreadful month, January, it was time to go back to the enjoyable past time of fundraising. In case any of you have missed my desperate moans and groans on this delightful topic; we have the unenvious task of getting £130,000 by August next year (that's right: next year!). So it was decided, a car wash was to be our next fundraising event. We chose the location of my local scout hut (1st Bodicote) and the date: Sunday 2nd Feb. 
It's not flower arranging! Tough work from the Unit.

Car Washes seem to be romanticised by the general public, who picture a bunch of laughing and smiling children jumping around pleasantly and throwing sponges at each other. I can assure you, this is not the case. Once you have taken off the rose-tinted sunglasses, the true nature of the profession is revealed. A world of freezing cold hands; water dribbling down your sleeve and an aching lower back. It's certainly not pretty. The majority of the village had been leafleted and posters were up. I made the regrettable choice of adverting us as a 'crack squad' (no inverted commas!) which, without beating around the bush, was a plain lie. I hadn't washed a car in years, and our lack of attention to detail became very apparent as we practised on my dad's car before the first customers arrived. It was a shoddy job and you could tell. But after a frank pep talk from Leader Ian the team united in an outstanding force. We organised ourselves into roles and the 3 Stage Plan© was developed. Our speed and the quality of the wash increased, and so did the stream of customers. By 1PM a queue of cars had built up. My (may have been my mother's idea) ticketing system swung into action. 
Worst nightmare.

We washed expertly outside whilst customers enjoyed a wide selection of refreshments inside the hut and found out a bit more about our adventure to Japan. All was going well until a rather large van turned up. A shudder ran through my back. Every amateur car washer's worst nightmare. It was dirty and it was huge! We all looked at each other with a knowing nod. This was it. We knew the time had come for us to either shine (if you'll pardon the pun) or fall. James started on the wheels. He had a knack for them - a talent he was born with. Orlando began phase 1 of the 3 Stage Plan© ; hosing the van down. Ben and Anais started on the back which was so dirty that people had written witty (but inappropriate) jokes on with their fingers. Peter and I made it look like we were doing something important. Parents were called in and the gang bonded with some messing about. Not the light hearted fun described at the beginning of the 2nd paragraph. This was serious and professional messing about.

By the end of the day, we had validated the previously fraudulent statement of a 'crack squad of car washers'. In the process we raised £267 which is a fantastic amount. Thanks goes to all the helpers and lovely people of Bodicote who came and supported us.